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Bring your front lawn or backyard to life (literally) with beautifully arranged flora. Personalize your outdoor space by building a garden that speaks to both your character and your taste.

Need some advice? With over 25+ years of experience in landscaping, let Borealis Gardens be your expert consultant. First we’ll visit your home and get an idea of the present state of your garden. We’ll look at what exists in your garden naturally, we’ll take a few measurements, and we’ll look at any obstructions.

After that, we’ll make some recommendations to help you design your garden.

Then, we watch it grow!

Find out why we’re a top choice for both urban city gardens and peaceful country cottages.

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At Borealis Gardens, we pride ourselves on our luxurious landscaping.
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We’ve been building beautiful gardens, get-away backyards for over 25+ years.

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With 20 years of masonry & stone masonry skills, we’ve learned all the tricks of the trade.

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Top choice for both urban city gardens and peaceful country cottages.

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Ren Wiebe, Toronto

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